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Lydia’s Apostolic Giving


Paul and Silas were evangelising in Philippi, when they met Lydia at the river. Lydia and her family were born again and baptised at the river by the Apostles.



Taberah – the burning fire of God was on Bartholomew. Let the burning of the Lord spread across the Nations. It is time for the harvest of the Lord in His Fire.

Little Foxes Steal the Harvest


Jesus is the Lord of the Harvest. He anointed 72 men to go into the Harvest. He uses a parable to expose the violence, the murder and bloodshed against the Harvest.

What’s Next?


God wants to bring increase and expansion. But we must wait on the Lord and move only by the Spirit and not by the flesh.

The Hour of Esther


Esther was Queen of Persia. She had to come face to face with Haman beast. In 2017 we are in the same hour of Queen Esther; face to face with the spirit of Haman beast.

The Antioch Centre


Antioch was the place of True Eagle Apostle Prophets. Antioch was a place of confrontation. Saul of Tarsus hated God’s people.

The Lord of the Harvest

We are preparing the way of the Lord. We must be carriers of the burning blazing fire of Heaven. We can only do that as we get out of Sheol.

Freemasonry Is False Apostolic


The double-headed eagle, the false apostle and false prophet, wants to stop us from being true eagles of God. Freemasonry wants to keep us in the valley of dry bones as a false royal priesthood.

Founding Fathers


Founding Fathers lay foundations for those who follow after them. Paul the Apostle was a true founding father of Apostolic succession.

Psychic Intrusion


In the devastation it can have on us, psychic intrusion can be like a literal blow to the head. A Masonic master is a psychic medium.

Latter Rain Revival


A passionate prophetic cry: I pour out my heart! The prophet/priest Samuel is a blueprint of the True Priesthood. Elijah confronted Baal and brought forth the Latter Rain.

The White House


The White Lodge is the false body of Christ, the great white brotherhood worldwide. It is the four faces of Satan of the false throne room of bitterness and vengeance.

Opening the Vaults of Heaven


Jesus took the keys of Death and Hell when he went into the bowels of Hell. St. Peter of Rome, the Hierophant, has stolen the keys, locking us in the dungeons of Rome.

Hitler Is Back (Intercession)


The vehicle of the Church and the world has been the Illuminati vehicle. We must get off this vehicle. The Illuminati vehicle is bloodshed, lose and holocaust.

Gog, Magog and ISIS


Twin giants of the end time are Gog and Magog of slaughter. They were worshipped with human sacrifice. Gog and Magog birth an Assyrian Warrior of the New World Order, in our generational line when there is a 33˚ Mason.

Artemis (Intercession)


Apostle Paul confronted Diana in Ephesus. The shrine and temple of Diana is Freemasonry. She is the false holy of holies. Diana rules over freemasonry with “I’m Sorry”, but NO repentance.

Baphomet Leviathan


The Egyptian goat god, male and female, is a vice-regent of Hell 33˚ of Freemasonry. It is duality of sexuality.

Hecate (Intercession)


Jesus faced the accusations of the Pharisees and their self-righteousness. 19˚ and 33˚ Grand Inspector Inquisitor General releases judgment of the brotherhood/crone.