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Spiritual Abuse


Spiritual abuse is tragically very prevalent. Legalism, control and exploitation birth overwhelming mistrust and fear, even towards God.

Sexual Abuse


Of all abuses, this is the most demeaning and soul destroying. This two-part message is so helpful to victims and counsellors. We can be set free.

Kundalini – Death Bites of Lilith


Part 1: ‘El’ – Mighty One. Yvonne Kitchen unfolds the spirit of illegitimacy and of the orphan that wants to sabotage our walk with God.

Part 2: ‘El Roi’ – The God Who Sees All Things. Nothing is hidden from El Roi.

Gavel of the Law of Reformation


Explosive truth! The Word of God was interpreted in the Dark Ages by the law and not by the Spirit. But Luther and Calvin birthed the gavel of more law in Protestantism.