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Fear and Anxiety (2 Parts)


We need to be freed from anxiety, phobias and paranoia. Many physical ailments are fear based. We live in a fear-based world. We must know the reality that the truth sets us free.

Bullies Have No Birthright


The blood moons of 2015-2016 were a prophetic picture for us to see the huge unleashing of bloodshed and the sword of bullies. Goat’s blood and human blood is poured out by the Isis Bullies.

Extreme Anxiety


Extreme Anxiety blocks the glory of the Lord. We need the HaMakom of the Glory: The Presence of the Lord to come out of Extreme Anxiety.

Spiritual Kidnapping


Unseen kidnapping and mercury poisoning is very undercover. Freemasonry is espionage and sabotage. The curse of Ma-ha-bone is to bring down our bones, body, soul and spirit – a sabotage of our lives.

Hypnosis and Mind Control


Freemasonry, New World Order and Illuminati cults use hypnosis to take over the mind with the Beast mind. A hypnotist carries the seal of the Beast of 666.

Psychic Intrusion


In the devastation it can have on us, psychic intrusion can be like a literal blow to the head. A Masonic master is a psychic medium.

Pyramid in the Brain


Vaults of death on our brain need the healing of Jesus to all trauma and stress. We need to take the territory of our brain 100% back to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Legion in the Brain of the Golden Pyramid


Our full inheritance is to be the wife of the Lamb. The wife must get herself ready with her mind restored, emotions restored, and able to receive His love. In Proverbs 31 we will see some unusual analogies of who we are meant to be as the Lamb’s wife. We must separate from the false wife and false bridegroom.

Shame and Depression


Shame covers us with worthlessness, projections of blame, hostility in relationships, explosive anger, depression and paralysis.

Michael Jackson Eye of Pan


Yvonne Kitchen unfolds the madness of Pan, Dionysius and Bacchus of alcohol, drug, sex addictions, rape, lust, pornography, immorality, sodomy, sex magic, Mercury magic, and Hermes magic.

Kundalini – Death Bites of Lilith


Part 1: ‘El’ – Mighty One. Yvonne Kitchen unfolds the spirit of illegitimacy and of the orphan that wants to sabotage our walk with God.

Part 2: ‘El Roi’ – The God Who Sees All Things. Nothing is hidden from El Roi.

Kundalini Fire Magic


Get the devil off your backbone! Freemasonry is the takeover of the Kundalini fire snake. It binds and cripples millions of people. Close all the chakra points, and channels of deception.

King Arthur’s Round Table


King Arthur is a false apostolic governmental anointing of chaos. The false government is based upon Lucifer’s synagogue, found in Freemasonry, Mormonism, Judaism, Kabbalism, Spiritualism and Druidism. A table to be over-turned!

Kabbalah Hecate Lilith


Hecate is the highest level of witch – male and female. The three faces of the false trinity of the Beast. We can wear a family mantle of Hecate and never know.

Abomination and Desolation of the Footprint of Jupiter


Abomination is abominable to God, a detestable action. Desolation is a wipe-out. The Jupiter footprint on our brains and minds can wipe us out and cause us to do detestable actions. Daniel a prophet of the Lord was in Babylon moving in Supernatural Power of the Lord.

Isis and the Blood Moons


Isis is an Egyptian goddess. But the demonic spirit of Isis is still alive in the 21st Century. We must know how, what, where and when Isis is.

The Golden Dawn of Hitler


Golden Dawn is false glory of the New World Order. It carries the breath of death. El Gibbor is the mighty warrior of heaven and is the Breath of Life. Hitler’s secret service was the Golden Dawn troopers.

Gavel of the Law of Reformation


Explosive truth! The Word of God was interpreted in the Dark Ages by the law and not by the Spirit. But Luther and Calvin birthed the gavel of more law in Protestantism.

The Brainwashing of Cults


Cults cause our belief system to become very twisted and entwined in the Beast. Takeover of our will and hypnosis through the eye brings torment and insanity to the mind.

Deprogramming of the Illuminati Brain


The true wife must come forth with the Mind of Christ. We are in desperate need to realise that the spirit of religion has programmed us by divination into illuminati deception, lies and takeover of our brain, our thinking and our perception.