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The False Firstborn


Previously Part of Firstborns to Rule and Training Course Firstborn Exchange

Satan has puffed us all up so much it has made God look small. Worship of our sin nature destroys God’s nature in us.

True Firstborns Walk in the Spirit


Previously part of teaching First Borns Rule and Firstborn Exchange Training Course

The estate of God is the Alpha and Omega. To regain our inheritance we have to break free from Baal’s estate of violence and takeover by illegitimate force.

The True Firstborn Exchange (3 Parts)


Satan wants to take, usurp and rob the true double portion the Lord has for us. Yvonne unfolds the false double portion of Freemasonry and Illuminati through the life of Jacob’s firstborn, Reuben.

True Forerunner Firstborns


A forerunner is burning with passion and carries the fire of the Supernatural. John the Baptist was a true forerunner of the Royal Priestly tribe of the Levites.