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Black Knights Templar


The Black Knights are high levels of Freemasonry. The Knights are warriors and guards to keep Queen Jezebel protected in her Kingdom.

Knights Templar Takeover


The New World Order is a takeover spirit of the Emerald Tribe, the true wife of the Lamb. Knights Templar full of jealousy and murder against the true wife has taken her inheritance.

Scottish Knights Templar


Knights Templar was a warrior order intended to guard Jerusalem. In the Spirit they are still religious warriors of great evil to stop us coming into the presence of Jesus.

Royal Black Knights


A Royal Black Knight, Grandmaster, is a Knight Templar who brings coup d’état against our health and our lives. The 33° of the false Gabriel and Michael guards us and keeps us in death.

Hollywood Knights Templar


Hollywood is a sex, wine cult of Freemasonry, Knights Templar, Druidism, drugs, suicide and mutilation. They carry a bloodied sword that embroils them in tragedy.

The Knights Templar Werewolf


False ascension takes us into the false temple of the third heaven. We are in the hour of the many faces of the Beast and false ascension. We cannot remain ignorant.

Husks of the Kabbalah Tree of Death


Knights Templar Illuminati are husks, or outer shells. As a falsely ascended werewolf, a templar sucks the blood out of family members until they become husks – empty shells.

Grand Tall Cedars


The black magicians of 33° are Assyrian, Muslim, Knights Templar Grand Masters that bring chaos magic. God of the New World Order is number 11 of Chaos.