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The Murderer Necromancer


The Necromancer is the Spirit of Death. We need to ask the Lord to “open our eyes” to be able to see the Necromancer in our families.

The Remnant of the Lord


It is time for New Beginnings for God’s people: where a small minority of people remain faithful in covenant to the Lord, fully obeying Him. Full restoration will be seen “El Gomer Alie”.

World War Three


The Jesuit Black Pope of Rome has decreed World War Three to bring about the unifying of Rome and Protestant Pentecostalism. What does that mean for Apostolic people of the Lord Jesus Christ?

Royal Arch Mason


The Royal Arch Mason is broken covenant with the Lord. It is false royalty to ascend into immortality. You will see how the Royal Arch Mason takes vows of death and leaves us sealed in death.

Spiritual Kidnapping


Unseen kidnapping and mercury poisoning is very undercover. Freemasonry is espionage and sabotage. The curse of Ma-ha-bone is to bring down our bones, body, soul and spirit – a sabotage of our lives.

High Priests of Dagon


High Priests of Dagon are the same spirit as Baal and Archbishop of Rome. They are 17˚ Masonic High Priests to plunge souls into destruction and into Sheol. It’s War!

The Spider Queen of Sheol


Jesus baptism by John the Baptist brought Father’s affirmation of great power and authority. False power and authority wants to stop Jesus.

Calling the Harvest out of Sheol


The Church is to be built upon the Rock Christ Jesus. St. Peter of Rome wants to takeover the true Apostle Peter and blocks the building of God’s House and the harvest.

Black Knights Templar


The Black Knights are high levels of Freemasonry. The Knights are warriors and guards to keep Queen Jezebel protected in her Kingdom.

The Plagues of Egypt


Unclean spirits must get out of our DNA so we are not plagued with diseases. Black magicians of Freemasonry, use the breath of death to release plagues and viruses by magic.

Freemasonry Is False Apostolic


The double-headed eagle, the false apostle and false prophet, wants to stop us from being true eagles of God. Freemasonry wants to keep us in the valley of dry bones as a false royal priesthood.

Cults in the Church


Wanting God in His fullness predisposes us to be seduced when we carry a spirit of Freemasonry. Cults are marked by silence, secrecy, mystery and blood oaths of death.

Hypnosis and Mind Control


Freemasonry, New World Order and Illuminati cults use hypnosis to take over the mind with the Beast mind. A hypnotist carries the seal of the Beast of 666.

Psychic Intrusion


In the devastation it can have on us, psychic intrusion can be like a literal blow to the head. A Masonic master is a psychic medium.

Unseen Effects of Freemasonry


The sequel to ‘Freemasonry: Death in the Family’ (previously titled ‘Freemasonry Death in the Church’). It is further extraordinary, ground breaking material.

A true Apostolic and Prophetic Book, it is purposed to bring release to every individual, from major bondages that are unseen. The author’s heart is to see people come into the fullness of their destiny in Jesus Christ, with truly Apostolic, New Testament signs following.

Freemasonry: Death in the Family


Exposing the demonic strongman behind the curses, oaths and rituals of Freemasonry, the book covers topics such as occult “accidents”, divorce, cancer, work and money problems, the false prophetic, schizophrenia and teenage rebellion.

Michael Jackson Eye of Pan


Yvonne Kitchen unfolds the madness of Pan, Dionysius and Bacchus of alcohol, drug, sex addictions, rape, lust, pornography, immorality, sodomy, sex magic, Mercury magic, and Hermes magic.

The Lion of Judah


The Lion of Judah breaks every chain. The four faces of Revelation 5 are such a picture of the Lion of Judah.

The Latent Power of the Soul


Psychic Force versus true spiritual Power of God: it is a phenomenon of the 21st century. Our education system has trained us to use psychic force.

Kundalini – Death Bites of Lilith


Part 1: ‘El’ – Mighty One. Yvonne Kitchen unfolds the spirit of illegitimacy and of the orphan that wants to sabotage our walk with God.

Part 2: ‘El Roi’ – The God Who Sees All Things. Nothing is hidden from El Roi.

Kundalini Fire Magic


Get the devil off your backbone! Freemasonry is the takeover of the Kundalini fire snake. It binds and cripples millions of people. Close all the chakra points, and channels of deception.

Scottish Knights Templar


Knights Templar was a warrior order intended to guard Jerusalem. In the Spirit they are still religious warriors of great evil to stop us coming into the presence of Jesus.

Royal Black Knights


A Royal Black Knight, Grandmaster, is a Knight Templar who brings coup d’état against our health and our lives. The 33° of the false Gabriel and Michael guards us and keeps us in death.

Kings of Nineveh, Repent!


Yvonne Kitchen unfolds the dealings of God in the lives of prophetic people. Prophetic people have to be prepared to face the kings of Freemasonry and Illuminati.

King Arthur’s Round Table


King Arthur is a false apostolic governmental anointing of chaos. The false government is based upon Lucifer’s synagogue, found in Freemasonry, Mormonism, Judaism, Kabbalism, Spiritualism and Druidism. A table to be over-turned!

Kingdom Keys


A key is paramount to entrance into a governmental city. The pontiff pope of Rome rules the world as a false King, Prophet, Priest and Shepherd from Vatican Governmental City.

The Takeover of Kabbalah


The false tree of life is the Kabbalah tree of death. Kabbalism has two pillars of the ancestral high priest and high priestess office.

Kabbalah Sex Magic


The Kabbalah tree of Knowledge – sex magic, money magic and witchcraft – is over Freemasonry, Druidism and Mormonism.

Husks of the Kabbalah Tree of Death


Knights Templar Illuminati are husks, or outer shells. As a falsely ascended werewolf, a templar sucks the blood out of family members until they become husks – empty shells.

Kabbalah Hecate Lilith


Hecate is the highest level of witch – male and female. The three faces of the false trinity of the Beast. We can wear a family mantle of Hecate and never know.

Kabbalah Strongman of Death


The Kabbalah tree is a maze of threads of witchcraft and death hidden under Freemasonry, Mormonism, Islam, witchcraft covens, Rome and Druidism.

Abomination and Desolation of the Footprint of Jupiter


Abomination is abominable to God, a detestable action. Desolation is a wipe-out. The Jupiter footprint on our brains and minds can wipe us out and cause us to do detestable actions. Daniel a prophet of the Lord was in Babylon moving in Supernatural Power of the Lord.