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World War Three


The Jesuit Black Pope of Rome has decreed World War Three to bring about the unifying of Rome and Protestant Pentecostalism. What does that mean for Apostolic people of the Lord Jesus Christ?

Spiritual Kidnapping


Unseen kidnapping and mercury poisoning is very undercover. Freemasonry is espionage and sabotage. The curse of Ma-ha-bone is to bring down our bones, body, soul and spirit – a sabotage of our lives.

High Priests of Dagon


High Priests of Dagon are the same spirit as Baal and Archbishop of Rome. They are 17˚ Masonic High Priests to plunge souls into destruction and into Sheol. It’s War!

Calling the Harvest out of Sheol


The Church is to be built upon the Rock Christ Jesus. St. Peter of Rome wants to takeover the true Apostle Peter and blocks the building of God’s House and the harvest.

The Plagues of Egypt


Unclean spirits must get out of our DNA so we are not plagued with diseases. Black magicians of Freemasonry, use the breath of death to release plagues and viruses by magic.

Hypnosis and Mind Control


Freemasonry, New World Order and Illuminati cults use hypnosis to take over the mind with the Beast mind. A hypnotist carries the seal of the Beast of 666.

Michael Jackson Eye of Pan


Yvonne Kitchen unfolds the madness of Pan, Dionysius and Bacchus of alcohol, drug, sex addictions, rape, lust, pornography, immorality, sodomy, sex magic, Mercury magic, and Hermes magic.

Kings of Nineveh, Repent!


Yvonne Kitchen unfolds the dealings of God in the lives of prophetic people. Prophetic people have to be prepared to face the kings of Freemasonry and Illuminati.

Kingdom Keys


A key is paramount to entrance into a governmental city. The pontiff pope of Rome rules the world as a false King, Prophet, Priest and Shepherd from Vatican Governmental City.

Husks of the Kabbalah Tree of Death


Knights Templar Illuminati are husks, or outer shells. As a falsely ascended werewolf, a templar sucks the blood out of family members until they become husks – empty shells.

Kabbalah Hecate Lilith


Hecate is the highest level of witch – male and female. The three faces of the false trinity of the Beast. We can wear a family mantle of Hecate and never know.

Kabbalah Strongman of Death


The Kabbalah tree is a maze of threads of witchcraft and death hidden under Freemasonry, Mormonism, Islam, witchcraft covens, Rome and Druidism.

Abomination and Desolation of the Footprint of Jupiter


Abomination is abominable to God, a detestable action. Desolation is a wipe-out. The Jupiter footprint on our brains and minds can wipe us out and cause us to do detestable actions. Daniel a prophet of the Lord was in Babylon moving in Supernatural Power of the Lord.

Holocaust of Haman in 21st Century


The conspiracy of the Prince of Persia with the King of Persia brought holocaust to millions of people. The false wife, Haman’s wife Zeresh is the instigator against Mordecai’s life.

Hitler Is Back – Part 1


Hitler was trained in Black Magic and carried the mantle of the Black Bull of Illuminati. Hitler was the golden calf. Hitler’s spirit and mandate was to take over world government.

Grand Tall Cedars


The black magicians of 33° are Assyrian, Muslim, Knights Templar Grand Masters that bring chaos magic. God of the New World Order is number 11 of Chaos.

The Golden Dawn of Hitler


Golden Dawn is false glory of the New World Order. It carries the breath of death. El Gibbor is the mighty warrior of heaven and is the Breath of Life. Hitler’s secret service was the Golden Dawn troopers.