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Wolfsbane Poison


Yvonne unfolds the reality of undercover poison that can’t be seen with the natural eyes. Wolfsbane is poison in the mouth and words.

The Sex Magic of the Witch of Endor


King Saul ripped the prophets mantle by his defiance and stubbornness. The Witch of Endor is Queen Venus and King Jupiter/Mars, goddesses and gods of lust and love who will force us to suicide.

New World Order Witch of Endor


We must drive Jezebel Witch of Endor out of the Promised Land; otherwise she can turn us away from God. King Saul and King Solomon both had their hearts turned away from God.

Witch of Endor False 7th Angel


Witch of Endor takes us into covenant with the beast of 666. The double portion wave of Aquarius is the double portion wave of Black Magic of the Cow, Harlot and Whore.