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The Sex Magic of the Witch of Endor


King Saul ripped the prophets mantle by his defiance and stubbornness. The Witch of Endor is Queen Venus and King Jupiter/Mars, goddesses and gods of lust and love who will force us to suicide.

Sexual Abuse


Of all abuses, this is the most demeaning and soul destroying. This two-part message is so helpful to victims and counsellors. We can be set free.

The Sex Wine Cult


Dionysus is the god of wine. He is the spirit of the fox. Dionysus impacted the Early Church. Paul addressed it as sex magic.

Sex Magic of Solomon


Solomon means “peace” or “peaceable.” He was the firstborn of Bathsheba and David, born into the Priesthood of Judah… and immorality. King Solomon knew the power, the glory and the presence of the Lord.

Sex Magic Changes Our DNA


In eating the fruit of the tree of Good and Evil, Adam and Eve received a bite of the snake. The snake is full of the Fires of Hell – a fire Snake of Sex Magick. The bite in the garden made Adam and Eve self-conscious and no longer innocent.

Sex Magic Is False Healing


The use of the film “The Green Mile” will be a helpful unfolding of sex magic. It took an African American into supernatural powers of healing and raising of the dead. That is not the power of God.

The Sex Magic of David


King David was a man after God’s own heart. He knew if he regarded iniquity in his heart, the Lord would not hear him. He committed adultery as the currents of fire were operating in the Royal House of Judah. His sin was also his own intentional transgression.

God Of Wine – Bacchus Sex Cult


Insanity and takeover of the mind, will, soul and body happen when the demonic currents of fire take over a person. Demonic powers are launched into the body, will and mind in a takeover spirit.

Kabbalah Sex Magic


The Kabbalah tree of Knowledge – sex magic, money magic and witchcraft – is over Freemasonry, Druidism and Mormonism.



Hecate is the highest-level witch, whore and High Priestess – male and female. The three faces of the false trinity of the Beast.