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Gypsy Spirit (Intercession)


Persecution of Lutheran reformers, Huguenots and Wends of Europe took over their ability to put down roots. So there are no roots, no rest, always on the run and no justice. Yvonne Kitchen unfolds the gypsy spirit through the monkey gods of Egyptian Witchcraft.

Revivalists and Evangelists


We are in an hour where there must be major change. Where God’s people are burning with fire and passion, for the younger generation to be face to face with Jesus.

Gemini Twins


Gemini Twins can be two people that are emotionally, or mentally, or socially, or psychologically joined.

The Spirit of Revival


Yvonne’s Harry Greenwood testimony. The Presence of the Lord causes us to be hungry for the Spirit of the Lord. Just one touch from the Lord and Yvonne was in His glory. Filled with the Spirit. Filled with His joy.

Joseph: Life Giver


Joseph was called to rule. Yielded to the Master’s hands Joseph was a life giver for the nations. Moving in a supernatural gift of faith and prophetic dreams.

Paul the Apostle of Fire


Paul the Apostle with Dr. Luke courageously moved in apostolic fire and power. We must come into prophetic anointing, prophetic power, prophetic insight…