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Hurricane Winds of Baal


Hurricane winds of Baal are destructive but the hurricane winds of God are pushing back the blackness and darkness. Baal is the gateway to the pagan Temple of Baal.

Jesus Is the Spirit of Prophecy


Let there come purity, of your holiness into my life. I am coming out of the Antichrist army of anger, rage and violence. These armies are of Baal, and Sodom.

Gale Force Winds of Baal


The demonic spirit of Baal turns people into bulls who become mass blood shedders. A Baal high priest/high priestess carries lust of diverse perversions.

Spiritual Kidnapping


Unseen kidnapping and mercury poisoning is very undercover. Freemasonry is espionage and sabotage. The curse of Ma-ha-bone is to bring down our bones, body, soul and spirit – a sabotage of our lives.

High Priests of Dagon


High Priests of Dagon are the same spirit as Baal and Archbishop of Rome. They are 17˚ Masonic High Priests to plunge souls into destruction and into Sheol. It’s War!

Hypnosis and Mind Control


Freemasonry, New World Order and Illuminati cults use hypnosis to take over the mind with the Beast mind. A hypnotist carries the seal of the Beast of 666.

Michael Jackson Eye of Pan


Yvonne Kitchen unfolds the madness of Pan, Dionysius and Bacchus of alcohol, drug, sex addictions, rape, lust, pornography, immorality, sodomy, sex magic, Mercury magic, and Hermes magic.

Abomination and Desolation of the Footprint of Jupiter


Abomination is abominable to God, a detestable action. Desolation is a wipe-out. The Jupiter footprint on our brains and minds can wipe us out and cause us to do detestable actions. Daniel a prophet of the Lord was in Babylon moving in Supernatural Power of the Lord.

Isis and the Blood Moons


Isis is an Egyptian goddess. But the demonic spirit of Isis is still alive in the 21st Century. We must know how, what, where and when Isis is.

Baal Freemasonry Sex Cult


Baal worship that contended against the purposes of God in Old Testament days is rising again like a flood today. Babylonian and Egyptian bull cults still rule in the world.

Mercury Poisoning


Spiritually, what is it? This teaching has helped many. Mercury is a false apostle. Mercury is astral travel; it is sex magic and death magic.