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Hypnosis and Mind Control


Freemasonry, New World Order and Illuminati cults use hypnosis to take over the mind with the Beast mind. A hypnotist carries the seal of the Beast of 666.

Isis and the Blood Moons


Isis is an Egyptian goddess. But the demonic spirit of Isis is still alive in the 21st Century. We must know how, what, where and when Isis is.

Holocaust of Haman in 21st Century


The conspiracy of the Prince of Persia with the King of Persia brought holocaust to millions of people. The false wife, Haman’s wife Zeresh is the instigator against Mordecai’s life.

Grand Tall Cedars


The black magicians of 33° are Assyrian, Muslim, Knights Templar Grand Masters that bring chaos magic. God of the New World Order is number 11 of Chaos.

The Golden Dawn of Hitler


Golden Dawn is false glory of the New World Order. It carries the breath of death. El Gibbor is the mighty warrior of heaven and is the Breath of Life. Hitler’s secret service was the Golden Dawn troopers.