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Jezebel Murders True Prophetic


Just as Elijah confronted the prophets of Baal, so we need the Spirit of Elijah today to discern who is a Baal prophet so we can rebuild the altars of the Lord for the restoration of His Glory.

Black Knights Templar


The Black Knights are high levels of Freemasonry. The Knights are warriors and guards to keep Queen Jezebel protected in her Kingdom.

Jezebel Brings Divorce


We are to be fully restored to the Son of God – our bridegroom. Jezebel wants to keep us in broken covenant, betrayal and the spirit of divorce to stop our restoration.

Jezebel Is a Vampire Spirit


The Grand Master, Vampire Spirit, false wife, wants to squeeze the life out of us. Jezebel wants to turn us into a vampire. Covenant betrayal kiss takes us into a Masonic marriage.

Kingdom Keys – Warden


Oh, thank God He does!! A WOE to the pharisaical and Masonic false key-holders! “We must get aggressive to break their power over us!”