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Freemasonry: Death in the Family


Exposing the demonic strongman behind the curses, oaths and rituals of Freemasonry, the book covers topics such as occult “accidents”, divorce, cancer, work and money problems, the false prophetic, schizophrenia and teenage rebellion.

Crone Queen Witch of the Family


*** Previously The Crone is Over Every Nation ***

Queen Jezebel sitting on her throne lauds it over the Church, and sits as the “I am the Ark, and my womb is the Ark.” The Crone Witch, sitting upon the Beast.

Incest Fertility


A spirit of incest defrauds and robs us. Ungodly bonding with another person may not be seen with the natural eyes, but it twists relationships, undermines marriages, and robs businesses and finances.

Family Harlotry (2 Parts)


Fertility cults are based upon false high priests and priestesses. Babylonial worship, forbidding marriage, hidden incest and adultery all carry doctrines of harlotry.

Family Addictions (2 Parts)


Alcoholism, drug addiction, workaholics and sexaholism are all addictions in our families. Do you live in an addictive cycle causing constant trauma?