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Gypsy Spirit (Intercession)


Persecution of Lutheran reformers, Huguenots and Wends of Europe took over their ability to put down roots. So there are no roots, no rest, always on the run and no justice. Yvonne Kitchen unfolds the gypsy spirit through the monkey gods of Egyptian Witchcraft.

The White House


The White Lodge is the false body of Christ, the great white brotherhood worldwide. It is the four faces of Satan of the false throne room of bitterness and vengeance.

Opening the Vaults of Heaven


Jesus took the keys of Death and Hell when he went into the bowels of Hell. St. Peter of Rome, the Hierophant, has stolen the keys, locking us in the dungeons of Rome.

Hitler Is Back (Intercession)


The vehicle of the Church and the world has been the Illuminati vehicle. We must get off this vehicle. The Illuminati vehicle is bloodshed, lose and holocaust.

Gog, Magog and ISIS


Twin giants of the end time are Gog and Magog of slaughter. They were worshipped with human sacrifice. Gog and Magog birth an Assyrian Warrior of the New World Order, in our generational line when there is a 33˚ Mason.

Artemis (Intercession)


Apostle Paul confronted Diana in Ephesus. The shrine and temple of Diana is Freemasonry. She is the false holy of holies. Diana rules over freemasonry with “I’m Sorry”, but NO repentance.

Baphomet Leviathan


The Egyptian goat god, male and female, is a vice-regent of Hell 33˚ of Freemasonry. It is duality of sexuality.

Hecate (Intercession)


Jesus faced the accusations of the Pharisees and their self-righteousness. 19˚ and 33˚ Grand Inspector Inquisitor General releases judgment of the brotherhood/crone.