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High Priests of Dagon


High Priests of Dagon are the same spirit as Baal and Archbishop of Rome. They are 17˚ Masonic High Priests to plunge souls into destruction and into Sheol. It’s War!

Gnostic Gospel of Thomas


Part 1: Yvonne Kitchen releases a word of warning for these days: a huge Gnostic gospel is coming on the earth.

Part 2: The Gnostic gospel of Thomas sows seeds of doubt and unbelief. We must break Gnostic supernatural in the Church and come into the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Spirit of Thomas


Thomas is the false logos. Thomas is full of doubt and unbelief. A Gnostic of the 3 of Freemasonry is sealed in Abraxas.

Masonic Rings Break Covenant


There are five rings throughout the levels of Freemasonry to lock you up in covenant to Lucifer. There are nine judges of high levels of Freemasonry.

The Takeover of Kabbalah


The false tree of life is the Kabbalah tree of death. Kabbalism has two pillars of the ancestral high priest and high priestess office.

Kingdom Keys – Warden


Oh, thank God He does!! A WOE to the pharisaical and Masonic false key-holders! “We must get aggressive to break their power over us!”

Foundations of Freemasonry


Freemasonry has no need of a Saviour. Man is his own Saviour and King. Freemasonry brings division, dissension and pain, and stops the worship and the supernatural in the House of God.