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Pagan Druidism


Druidism is in a revival across the earth today. It is a false royal priesthood. It is a false harvest based upon the false mother Kali, the goddess of the New Age.

King Arthur’s Round Table


King Arthur is a false apostolic governmental anointing of chaos. The false government is based upon Lucifer’s synagogue, found in Freemasonry, Mormonism, Judaism, Kabbalism, Spiritualism and Druidism. A table to be over-turned!

Kabbalah Sex Magic


The Kabbalah tree of Knowledge – sex magic, money magic and witchcraft – is over Freemasonry, Druidism and Mormonism.

Kabbalah Strongman of Death


The Kabbalah tree is a maze of threads of witchcraft and death hidden under Freemasonry, Mormonism, Islam, witchcraft covens, Rome and Druidism.

Druidism – Utero and Birth Trauma


The King and Queen of Druidism must be broken off our lives. Otherwise we have open doors to death and destruction. Most especially at birth, because Brigid, Innana, Artemis, Diana and Isis are goddesses of the womb and illegitimacy. Druidism is satanic rituals.