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The Necromancer Stops Our Call


The radical fire of God of our born again experience can be quenched by the mixture of the supernatural and the paranormal of the wrong spirit realm. Deception can quickly follow like John Dowie, false Elijah, false healer, who ended in disgrace.

Necromancer Scorpion King


The scorpion King is the false king of kings. He is the King in the realm of divination. The necromancer has a black cord that is a 3-fold cord that squeezes the life out of us. The black cord of the hangman, Satan, is to choke us to death, in every area of our life.

The Necromancer – The Scapegoat


The Necromancer wants to make us the scapegoat to carry the penalty of sin. Jesus became the scapegoat for us. Baphomet is the goat Azazel (male and female) that is projected onto us – the goat nature, full of lust. Rebellion, murmuring and injustices of the wilderness is the lot of a scapegoat.

Sons of Belial of the Mother Cow


The Mother of Necromancy holds a red cord of death to keep us sons and daughters of Belial, full of wickedness and bitterness. Two sons – Ishmael, son of Belial and son of the flesh; Isaac, firstborn Son of the Spirit.

Jesus the Passover Lamb Breaks the Necromancer


Passover is a Double Portion Feast. Passover is a picture of the shedding of blood of Jesus and eating unleavened bread of “NO SIN”. The leaven has to be cleaned out of our lives. Passover is celebrated as we come out of bondage of death to Pharaoh the Necromancer.

Ishmael Son of Belial the Necromancer


A triple cord of death seals us to the necromancer and a bloodbath. To be true sons of God we must separate from every unclean thing and come into full agreement with the breath, the water and the blood.

Necromancer Father of Lies


The Necromancer is a false father, who wants to ritually shed our blood. It makes us a son of Belial with a sentence of death. A false Passover lamb sealed by the blood of the Necromancer.

The Breath of the Necromancer


The black rope of the necromancer keeps us in rebellion and stubbornness. The Spirit, the Breath, must birth us so we can fully exit the Necromancy of Egypt. Necromancer Imhotep takes over our breath, and the will of “I am of Jesus”

The Necromancer Brings Hardship


Necromancer Imhotep is a high Priest, false Joseph, doctor of Egypt. He is a murderer and a practitioner of death. The Necromancer contested the birth of Jesus, and the birth of the Glory.