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A Takeover Spirit


The dragon is jealous of God and hates those who carry revival. The dragon will persecute with great vengeance those who have the revival breath of God.

God Of Wine – Bacchus Sex Cult


Insanity and takeover of the mind, will, soul and body happen when the demonic currents of fire take over a person. Demonic powers are launched into the body, will and mind in a takeover spirit.

Kundalini – Death Bites of Lilith


Part 1: ‘El’ – Mighty One. Yvonne Kitchen unfolds the spirit of illegitimacy and of the orphan that wants to sabotage our walk with God.

Part 2: ‘El Roi’ – The God Who Sees All Things. Nothing is hidden from El Roi.

Knights Templar Takeover


The New World Order is a takeover spirit of the Emerald Tribe, the true wife of the Lamb. Knights Templar full of jealousy and murder against the true wife has taken her inheritance.

Scottish Knights Templar


Knights Templar was a warrior order intended to guard Jerusalem. In the Spirit they are still religious warriors of great evil to stop us coming into the presence of Jesus.

The Takeover of Kabbalah


The false tree of life is the Kabbalah tree of death. Kabbalism has two pillars of the ancestral high priest and high priestess office.

Abomination and Desolation of the Footprint of Jupiter


Abomination is abominable to God, a detestable action. Desolation is a wipe-out. The Jupiter footprint on our brains and minds can wipe us out and cause us to do detestable actions. Daniel a prophet of the Lord was in Babylon moving in Supernatural Power of the Lord.

The Brainwashing of Cults


Cults cause our belief system to become very twisted and entwined in the Beast. Takeover of our will and hypnosis through the eye brings torment and insanity to the mind.

Cult Busting


Yvonne Kitchen unfolds many aspects of cults and guru cult leaders who carry huge takeover and control. An example is the mind control of David Koresh.