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High Priests of Dagon


High Priests of Dagon are the same spirit as Baal and Archbishop of Rome. They are 17˚ Masonic High Priests to plunge souls into destruction and into Sheol. It’s War!

The Spider Queen of Sheol


Jesus baptism by John the Baptist brought Father’s affirmation of great power and authority. False power and authority wants to stop Jesus.

Kabbalah Sex Magic


The Kabbalah tree of Knowledge – sex magic, money magic and witchcraft – is over Freemasonry, Druidism and Mormonism.

Kabbalah Strongman of Death


The Kabbalah tree is a maze of threads of witchcraft and death hidden under Freemasonry, Mormonism, Islam, witchcraft covens, Rome and Druidism.

Foundations of Freemasonry


Freemasonry has no need of a Saviour. Man is his own Saviour and King. Freemasonry brings division, dissension and pain, and stops the worship and the supernatural in the House of God.