Leviathan (6 Part Training Course)


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Part 1: ‘Kairos’ is God’s time. It is God’s time to expose the beast in our lives. The huge crocodile, serpent, dragon, are words used in the word of God to describe the beast. The god of Capricorn is Leviathan beast. Leviathan is also the god of storms and leaves us in fear of losing everything. A covenant with Leviathan is a covenant of pride and a covenant with Egyptian Magic. Leviathan is an alcoholic beast full of rage and violence that wants to stop us worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ.

Part 2: Orion Leviathan Beast: Chronos is ‘I am the I am’ that rules time. It is an evil time of the advocate of the Beast. Leviathan rules the false prophetic of rebellion against God; e.g. Jonah. Freemasonry has the password of Joppa, which is rebellion against Kairos time. Orion is the fire of hell of Knights Templar and the Phoenix Bird; it perpetrates sexual ritual abuse, rape and suicide.

Part 3: Red Bear: The Beast is a false mediator that brings an eclipsing of the sun and moon spiritually to stop us finding God. Leviathan keeps us prodigals, locked in the counterfeit 7 spirits of the Lord. The constellation of the Bear has 7 stars, angels of death. The thigh of the bear is sex magic and harlotry of Freemasonry and Rome. Red Bear is the vehicle of the Church of filth and burning lusts of sex magic.

Part 4: Leviathan Son of the Dragon: Retaliation of the Dragon against the Church to destroy it. It is the astrology of hell of total filth and takeover of the earth. Mother and son of incest to bring duality of sexuality with total insanity of a hermaphrodite: Babylonian Pattern. Hermes/Bootes/Dionysus are herdsmen of this constellation, who are false shepherds with a phallic rod. Gods of the sickle, who are false Christs, come to judge the earth. Revelation 14:14. They are Kali, Shiva, Zeus, Shakti, Saturn and Gaia.

Part 5: Pleiades: Jesus is higher than the angels. Angels are messengers of God. We are forbidden to worship the angels. A constellation is a principality of the Dragon that joins us to the Prince of Darkness. Freemasonry and Rome joins us to demon angels of ascended masters of the occult – 4˚, 5˚, 11˚, 12˚, etc. It brings about satanic ritual abuse, drug addictions, and bi-polar, that seduces a person into a psych ward. Pleiades is the OX Taurus, male bull joined to the cow of 7 stars that keeps us locked in exile. The Altar of the Pleiades is the altar of Molech. The eastern star, and a guard over the night hours are found in this teaching.

Part 6: Dragon Brain: control and Manipulation of the Beast over our Brain must be contended in this Hour. The brain is easily taken over with lies and deceit of the Beast. Jesus our Kinsman Redeemer has redeemed the inner chambers of our brain from the Dragon’s Brain. Doubt and Unbelief keep us bound in the Carnal Mind: this is Egyptian Witchcraft, the craft of Freemasonry, Rome and Cults. We must be crucified with Christ or we will be taken Over by the false trinity of the Pyramid of Egypt in our Brain. It is essential to break the phallic torment in the Brain. This is a very powerful and necessary unfolding to allow Jesus Christ to Rule in our Brain.


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