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White Linen of the Saints


Are we ready for the coming of the Lord?

Holiness and Righteousness must be a reality with no uncleanness sitting undercover in our lives. We must be clothed in His Righteousness.

Face to Face With Rome


We need to have our eyes wide open to see where Rome sits in our lives. Yvonne shares a testimony of facing Rome in the pioneering of Fruitful Vine Ministries.

Transforming the Inner Man


Paul the Apostle of Fire was transformed in his inner man by the burning Taberah Fire of God. Paul had to confront the Roman Spirit of ‘Caesar’.

John the Apostle of Love


A must for everyone. This manual is so Spirit, Spirit, Spirit. How we need to imbibe of the amazing Love of the Apostle John. Sit before the Lord and let Him speak to you through this manual.

Waters of Strife – Leviathan


Violence, Rage and Anger that wants to hide is the Beast of Leviathan. A new wave of Apostolic Exposure of Leviathan must be seen in this hour if we are to have full deliverance.

Cry out for Miracles!


We need to keep crying out for miracles because of the destruction of the hour we are living in. There is a hatred for Christians by people who are full of atomic energy of anger, rage, violence, murder and bloodshed.

Takeover of the Illuminati Brain


The Illuminati Bloodlines of the Beast is worldwide. Unknowingly we make covenant with the snake and with death. Locked on the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Silence and Violence


Silence is like a ticking time bomb. Violence is hidden underground. David knew what it was to be taunted, overlooked and treated with violence. The 18° and 30° are part of the silence and violence we suffer.

On Eagles Wings


Jesus is the eagle that flies around the throne of heaven, the Sun of Righteousness with healing in His wings. We must be eagles of maturity in this hour.

The Military Spirit


Freemasonry is a military organisation, leaving us crippled under a military Office in our family. The Military Spirit affects our brain and neurological system to keep us traumatised.

God’s Gift in You


No identity or destiny can leave us floundering, depressed and lost. This is a real life story of a boy not encouraged by his own father.

William of Orange


King William of Orange established the Orange Lodge. The Orange men were known for their lust for blood.

Gnostic Gospel of Thomas


Part 1: Yvonne Kitchen releases a word of warning for these days: a huge Gnostic gospel is coming on the earth.

Part 2: The Gnostic gospel of Thomas sows seeds of doubt and unbelief. We must break Gnostic supernatural in the Church and come into the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Spirit of Thomas


Thomas is the false logos. Thomas is full of doubt and unbelief. A Gnostic of the 3 of Freemasonry is sealed in Abraxas.

The Crone


The Crone is the spirit of the witch. The goddess demon is known by a number of names: Lilith, Diana, and Kali.

Zombie of Virus


Do you anguish for real evangelism? You will hear it here. It is time for us to have the raising of the dead anointing,

World War II in London


The setting is war-time. Religious training is the training of the occult to keep us from repenting; and to keep us locked in witchcraft evangelism of the white witch, male and female.

Wolf General of the 33rd Degree


Part 1: God is calling us to be Forerunners who repent, weep and groan by the Spirit for sin.

Part 2: Revival and harvest is being birthed in the nations by our travail.

Part 3: A deceiving wolf comes in sheep’s clothing to shed blood and destroy souls.

The Wolf


This manual is relevant for Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) and Buffalo Lodge.

The Withered Hand


The King of Glory has divine authority. His authority causes the authority of man to fall. False great high priests will wither in their authority.

Why I Can’t Hear God’s Voice


There is such a cry and such a need to know the voice of God. Yvonne Kitchen’s insight into the healing of “emotional atheism” leads to glorious truths about our true adoption … and the end of fatherlessness.

What’s Hindering You?


Why can’t I move forward? Phil Kitchen explains why many Christians cannot make spiritual progress or achieve real victories.

Unloved Leah


Part 1: Jacob didn’t love Leah, he loved Rachel. Therefore Leah was in broken covenant – intensely rejected, not wanted, unloved, not valued, forsaken.

Part 2: True covenant with God is a covenant of glory, the supernatural, peace and rest.

True Eagles of God


Jesus is the Great Eagle of God, who carries the seven eyes of the spirit (eagle eyes). True eagles of God are to move supernaturally in the spirit realm.

Trauma in Utero


Birthing should be a time of great joy, but to many it is, or was, a time of fear, sorrow and trauma. Why?

Training of the Prophet (2 Parts)


A father is intended by God to be a powerful steering wheel in the home and family. He is to bring a strong sense of worth and of identity and destiny to his family members.

The Third Heaven and the Vaults


The Feast of Tabernacles is opening the vaults of Heaven. It will birth the supernatural. To cross over to this Feast we must confront the dragon Satan, the female face of Jezebel.

The Victor’s Crown


Jesus the lion won the victor’s crown. It is the double portion crown to raise the dead. It is the crown of “Stephanos.” The crown of the “Diadem” is glory and honour.

Telling the Apostle Lies!


Ananias and Sapphira came under the strike of God’s judgement! This level of supernatural was fearful. Miracles broke forth out of the tragedy. Peter was moving in the spirit of burning and the spirit of judgement. Are we there again today?

A Takeover Spirit


The dragon is jealous of God and hates those who carry revival. The dragon will persecute with great vengeance those who have the revival breath of God.